Fountainhead "Reverse Engineering"

written, performed, produced & mixed.

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Liquid Fire "T.B.A."

produced, co-engineered, mixed & mastered.


Fux & Has "Geistzeit"

mixed & mastered, guitar.


Obscura "Akroasis"

Fretted & fretless rhythm & lead & acoustic guitar, ebow, Godin Multi-oud. Co-written, co-arranged.

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Gemstone "Bridges"

Mixed. Additional guitar.

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Pitts/Minnemann Project "The Psychic Planetarium"

performed all guitars, co-written, mixed.

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Virial "Organic Universe"

Guest guitar solo on the song "Ultimate Fate"

Stream the entire album here (my solo: 40.10)

Hannes Grossmann "The Crypts Of Sleep"

(fretted) guitar solo on "To Sow the Seeds Of Earth"

Watch me record my guest solo!

Ray Riendeau "Space-Time Continuum"

fretless guitar

Ray´s bandcamp

Counter-world Experience "Pulsar"

fretless guitar solo on "Helios"

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Adrian Weiss "Criminal Record"

Fretless guest solo on the song "Bassment Laughter"

Adrian on bandcamp

Thoren "Brennanberg"

Fretless guest solo on the song "Depraved Dreams"

Thoren on bandcamp

Cerebric Turmoil "Neural Net Meltdown"

Fretless guitar solo on "Vile Effect Momentum"

Watch me record my guest solo!

Requital "Trinity"

Produced, engineered, mixed & mastered.

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The Fractured Dimension "Galaxy Mechanics"

rhythm and lead guitar on 4 tracks.

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Hannes Grossmann "The Radial Covenant"

Fretless guitar solo on "Solar Fire Cells".

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The Fractured Dimension "Tsunami Of Complaining"

Played rhythm and lead guitars. Mixed/mastered.

TFD on bandcamp

The Astronauts Return "Now Then Waves"

Produced, mixed & co-engineered. Fretless, slide & ambient guitar. Sounddesign.

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Yuval Ron & Residents Of The Future "Flags"

Produced & mixed.

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Sina Niklas "Getaway Car"

Mixed & mastered. Guitars on "Runaway". Guitar solos on "are you in", "the cure" & "become".

O Graceful Musings Burden "Im draußen bricht..."


OGMB on bandcamp

The Fractured Dimension "Gorilla Yin Yang No.2"

Fretted, fretless and ambient guitars. mastering.

Listen/watch my playthrough-video!

Ray Riendeau -The Conservation Of Angular Momentu

Fretless guitar.

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Fountainhead - Fear Is The Enemy

Written, arranged, performed (all guitars & piano), produced & mixed.

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Pitts/Minnemann Project-2L82B Normal

Rhythm, lead, clean and lots of fretless guitar on tracks 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 08, 09, 11, 12, 15, 16, 24, 25, 26.

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Marcus Auerbach Trio "The Kitchen Sink Anomaly"

Produced & mixed. Engineered vox, guitars & bass.

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Fountainhead plays Despotic

All fretless & fretted rhythm & lead guitar, fretless bass, keyboards & samples. produced, mixed & mastered, lyrics.

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Randy Black "Black Book DVD"

Keyboards on "Blackend Beauty".

Watch Randy play the song here!

Fountainhead "Nostalgia"

Written, arranged, performed, engineered, mixed & mastered.

out of print.

Requital "Disease"

Produced, mixed & co-arranged.

Get the entire EP here.

The Fractured Dimension "Towards The Mysterium"

All fretless, fretted and ambient guitars on "Prism II: Refraction" and "Lecture", guitar solo on "Fractured Are The 9 Principals".

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Sonic Rise "Demo 2013"

Produced & mixed. engineered guitars, bass & vocals.

Watch the music-video!

Rooky "Extended"

Keyboards on "Blackend Beauty"

Purpose Effect "PFX EP"

Co-written -produced & mixed, all fretted & fretless guitars, keyboards, banjo, mandoline and additional fretless bass.

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Tinef "Fear Free Room"

Co-engineered & arranged vocals, slide-guitar.

Secretum "Management sKills"

Grand-piano on "Coffeeshock"

...Und Hans "Don´t Miss The Boat"

Produced, mixed & mastered. Guitar solos on "Tower Of James".

Duman "Smok´n´Roll"

Fretless bass & piano on "Komm" & "Der Brief".

Polar 60 "!"

Co-written. Engineered, mixed & mastered. All fretted & fretless guitars & keyboards.

Aerials "Frantic Again"

Some rhythm guitar.


Cerebric Turmoil - Promo 2008

Rhythm-and lead guitar on "23071963" and "Secluded Out Of Touch By Avoiding Mankind"

Peter Geltat Trio "Demo 2010"

Mixed & mastered.

Martin Johanus & The SpeedDates - EPmagic

Mixed and Mastered "Alpha Girl".

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