Gemstone "T.B.A."

Mixed/mastered, Guest guitar solo on "Worth The Odds"

coming soon!

Virial "Organic Universe"

Guest guitar solo on the song "Ultimate Fate"

Virial on facebook

Ray Riendeau "Space-Time Continuum"

fretless guitar

Ray´s bandcamp

Counterworld Experience "Pulsar"

fretless guitar solo on "Helios"

Obscura "T.B.A."

Fretted & fretless lead & rhythm guitar, akustik 6,7 & 12 string guitar, e-bow, oud.

Official website

Requital "Trinity EP"

Produced, engineered, mixed & mastered. Coming soon!!!

Watch the trailer!

Hannes Grossmann "The Radial Covenant"

Fretless guitar solo on "Solar Fire Cells".

Listen/buy @ bandcamp!

The Fractured Dimension "Gorilla Yin Yang No.2"

Fretted, fretless and ambient guitars. mastering.

Listen/watch my playthrough-video!

The Fractured Dimension "Tsunami Of Complaining"

Played rhythm and lead guitars. Mixed/mastered.

TFD on bandcamp

The Astronauts Return "Now Then Waves"

Produced, mixed & co-engineered. Fretless, slide & ambient guitar. Sounddesign.

Watch the music-video!

Yuval Ron & Residents Of The Future "Flags"

Produced & mixed.

Listen/watch the video!

Sina Niklas "Getaway Car"

Mixed & mastered. Guitars on "Runaway". Guitar solos on "are you in", "the cure" & "become".

O Graceful Musings Burden "Im draußen bricht..."


OGMB on bandcamp

The Fractured Dimension "Galaxy Mechanics"

rhythm and lead guitar on 4 tracks.

Watch the trailer!

Cerebric Turmoil "Neural Net Meltdown"

Fretless guitar solo on "Vile Effect Momentum"

CT on facebook

Fountainhead "Reverse Engineering"

written, performed, produced & mixed - COMING SOON!!!


Pitts/Minnemann Project 2

all guitars - COMING SOON!!!

PMP on Facebook

Ray Riendeau -The Conservation Of Angular Momentu

Fretless guitar.

Listen/buy @ bandcamp!

Fountainhead - Fear Is The Enemy

Written, arranged, performed (all guitars & piano), produced & mixed.

Listen/download on bandcamp!

Pitts/Minnemann Project-2L82B Normal

Rhythm, lead, clean and lots of fretless guitar on tracks 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 08, 09, 11, 12, 15, 16, 24, 25, 26.

Listen/buy on bandcamp

Marcus Auerbach Trio "The Kitchen Sink Anomaly"

Produced & mixed. Engineered vox, guitars & bass.

Listen/free download here!

Fountainhead plays Despotic

All fretless & fretted rhythm & lead guitar, fretless bass, keyboards & samples. produced, mixed & mastered, lyrics.

Listen/free download here!

Randy Black "Black Book DVD"

Keyboards on "Blackend Beauty".

Watch Randy play the song here!

Fountainhead "Nostalgia"

Written, arranged, performed, engineered, mixed & mastered.

out of print.

Requital "Disease"

Produced, mixed & co-arranged.

The Fractured Dimension "Towards The Mysterium"

All fretless, fretted and ambient guitars on "Prism II: Refraction" and "Lecture", guitar solo on "Fractured Are The 9 Principals".

Listen/buy on bandcamp

Sonic Rise "Demo 2013"

Produced & mixed. engineered guitars, bass & vocals.

Watch the music-video!

Rooky "Extended"

Keyboards on "Blackend Beauty"

Purpose Effect "PFX EP"

Co-written -produced & mixed, all fretted & fretless guitars, keyboards, banjo, mandoline and additional fretless bass.

Listen/buy @ bandcamp!

Tinef "Fear Free Room"

Co-engineered & arranged vocals, slide-guitar.

Secretum "Management sKills"

Grand-piano on "Coffeeshock"

...Und Hans "Don´t Miss The Boat"

Produced, mixed & mastered. Guitar solos on "Tower Of James".

Duman "Smok´n´Roll"

Fretless bass & piano on "Komm" & "Der Brief".

Polar 60 "!"

Co-written. Engineered, mixed & mastered. All fretted & fretless guitars & keyboards.

Aerials "Frantic Again"

Some rhythm guitar.


Cerebric Turmoil - Promo 2008

Rhythm-and lead guitar on "23071963" and "Secluded Out Of Touch By Avoiding Mankind"

Peter Geltat Trio "Demo 2010"

Mixed & mastered.

Martin Johanus & The SpeedDates - EPmagic

Mixed and Mastered "Alpha Girl".

The SpeedDates on Facebook