New project "Shaped In Dreams" anounced

"Shaped In Dreams", a new band/project led by composer/multi-instrumentalist Martin Matiasovic just anounced the release of their debut album "Echoes Of Eldren Deeds" in novembre via Vmbrella Records through this article on

Line-up: Martin Matiasovic - guitar
James Dorton - vocals (Black Crown Initiate)
Linus Klausenitzer - fretless bass (Obscura, Alkaloid)
Marc Dzierzon - drums (Obscurity, Centaurus-A)
Matthias Preisinger piano, violin, viola
Mikołaj Suchanek - electric piano
Harmonia Nova - wind instruments
Christina Rotondo - clean vocals

Tom co-produced, mixed & mastered the album and appears on turkish oud on the song "A Giant To Face".