Fountainhead - fretless guitar legend

Who is Fountainhead?

Fountainhead is the alter-ego of guitarist / composer / producer Tom Geldschläger. Currently operating from his studio in Berlin, Germany, "the Steve Vai of the new millenium" has appeared on hundreds of releases, toured the world and changed the very idea of what the guitar can do for over a decade.

Tom playing fretless guitar


Tom has recorded and/or toured with artists and bands like Marco Minnemann, Defeated Sanity, Xell, Hannes Grossmann, Amogh Symphony, Christian Münzner and Nader Sadek and has been featured in various music magazines around the globe (most recently "Guitar Plus" and "Guitar World"). He was the lead guitarist for internationally acclaimed technical death metal band Obscura (contributing his signature guitar style & songwriting to their billboard-charts-entering "Akroasis" album), worked on award winning movie scores and has mixed & mastered hundreds of records for clients from all over the world.

His solo releases "Fear Is The Enemy" and "Reverse Engineering" have received rave reviews and secured him a dedicated following in just a few short years. He is the author of several books of musical notation (clients include legendary bands like Defeated Sanity & Amogh Symphony) - with his first "traditional" book, "Mental strategies for the evolving musician", scheduled for an early 2019 release.
He has taught hundreds of private students as well as thousands through online courses & masterclass tours, covering everything from guitar techniques to music production to songwriting to increasing focus & creativity as a musician.

His first official guitar instructional product has been scheduled for a late 2018 release, along with a Fountainhead transcription book compiling 11 of Tom's most iconic guitar solos.

He's known for using fretless guitars for more information. predominantly, making him the figurehead of this otherwise rarely used breed of guitar to a new generation of guitar and metal fans - a "modern day guitar legend" indeed.


Fountainhead is endorsed by Steinberg Audio, Loxx Products, Engl Amplification, Soultool Customized Guitars, GoodTone Pickups, Mono Cases and Winspear picks & cables. "Fountainhead signature" lines of fretted & fretless guitars, pick-ups and guitar picks are available commercially, with more products in the planning stages.

Tom Fountainhead


"Fountainhead provides a mind blowing trip into musical realms largely untraveled. Pure, instrumental greatness" Thecirclepit.com

"The Steve Vai of the new millenium" Christian Münzner (Necrophagist, Alkaloid, Obscura)

"Stunning, yes stunning music and guitar." truthinshredding.com

"Totally unique playing. I´m proud to have him on my albums" Hannes Grossmann (Necrophagist, Blotted Science, Hate Eternal)

"It is my opinion that of the new guitarists described as "innovators", Fountainhead is the most deserving of this title." Mike Abdow (Fates Warning)

"There is no one on this planet that can even attempt what he does on guitar! Amazing." Bill Bruce (Shotgun Messiah, Mark Chapman Band)

"He´s unique in a world of "cliche" guitarists. Awesome stuff!" Ray Riendeau (Halford, James LaBrie)

"I LOVE Fountainhead. great orchestrations and adventurous music, like nothing you've ever heard before." Richard Hallebeek (RHP, Weaveworld)

"Everything about this album is gold. Fountainhead has created a masterpiece with this record. There are tight and gripping moments as well as warm and intimate moments across this fantastic record." Metalwani.com