Guitar & music teacher, clinician, public speaker


Tom offers 1-on-1 lessons at his studio space in the heart of Berlin or through skype / zoom, covering everything from guitar techniques and music theory to songwriting, composition, music production and the psychology of playing music. Please be aware that availabillity of lessons depends on Tom’s travelling and recording schedules. A one hour session with Tom is currently 30 EUR via paypal.


Tom is available for masterclasses & guitar clinics all over the world.
These classes are scalable in scope and range of topics. Depending on the agreed length, demographic or location of the classes, previously covered topics include:
Guitar technique, fretless guitar, melodic phrasing, music theory, songwriting & composition, architecture of sound in production & mixing, music business advice, mental strategies for creativity, goal-setting & emotional well-being.
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“Tom is not only an amazing one of a kind musician, he’s an awesome human being. Somehow he always makes me see the brighter side and gives me perspective. Forever grateful. If guitar doesn’t work out, he’s always got a career in psychotherapy.”

  • Christopher Johnson

“I want to start off by saying, getting a one on one lesson with one of my guitar heros was a dream come true, Not only was he informative he showed me a lot of techniques (on fretless guitar) and gave me helpful advice. I recommend any one wanting to improve on guitar to defiantly seek out the one and only Tom “Fountainhead” Geldschläger.”

  • Christopher Soriano

“Tom is a awesome teacher! I feel as though i got exactly what i was looking for, and then some. The topics discussed were relayed clearly and not once did the lesson feel stale.”

  • Daniel Bacskocky

“I scheduled a guitar lesson with Tom to figure out my shortcomings. Just few minutes into the lesson, Tom was able to figure out the challenges were more of mental blocks than technical and helped me get awared of those mental blocks. Also he shared wisdom on how to tackle those mental blocks. The wisdom he shared shall take me a sometime to completely soak in but I already feel more positive towards approaching guitar as an instrument to express myself more clearly. I really look forward to take more lessons from him in near future. Thank you so much Herr Geldschläger.”

  • Sebastian Müller

“Awesome. I took one private lesson with Tom about 6 months ago when I was struggling with a writer’s block and musical self-esteem issues, and it opened so many doors for me. Only reason I didn’t take another lessons yet is that I’m still working on implementing what he has already shown me.”

  • Martin Crzeskinky