Intercepting Pattern’s “The Encounter” now available on vinyl

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Rising Nemesis Records are releasing a vinyl limited edition of last year’s Intercepting Pattern album “The Encounter”, which was produced, mixed & mastered by Tom. It features stunning artwork by former Dark Tranquillity member Niklas Sundin as well as a stunning drum performance by Lille Gruber (Defeated Sanity). wrote: “by the end of this jazz fusion meets tech metal offering listeners will feel as though they have come into contact with a group of musicians whose technicality is from another planet.” wrote: “The Encounter is a joy to listen t. It’s on par with this year’s most creative death metal records1 but more virtuosic and harder to categorize.” wrote: “Intercepting Pattern should offer some strong appeal to progressive metal fans that are seeking some sci-fi riffing that tickles that jazzy itch without overdoing it.”

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